Madrid, Spain

I don’t know baby, Madrid was just okay to me, worse than Italy by a long shot. However you made it to the annual Christmas Tree lighting ceremony in front of the old palace which is now a shopping mall. It was packed with people walking all over you 🙁 but who knows where that will take you. I miss you.


So I went to concert. I had to walk walk and walk through a shady neighborhood to a revitalized house boat dock. The concert was for about 25 people and they were amazing. I met the owner (who looked like Bradley Cooper) and told him I was there with you. He dedicated the show to you and allowed me to spread your ashes around the house boat. It was beautiful. Your are beautiful and I miss you. Enjoy Amsterdam and all the canals you are sure to visit.

United Nations

You and I had many conservative versus liberal, democrat versus republican, God versus Non deep deep conversations. We could have used the services of the United Nations. Every agreement reached to help the world will have a little you involved. I love you.

Beaujolais Nouveau

Yes I did it and you were there with me. I finished the marathon, stayed at a countryside bed and breakfast, danced in the streets, and drank the newest release during the Beaujolais Nouveau. You would have loved it.

Paris Paris Paris

Baby, Paris was all you. It was a beautiful city full of fancy, well-dressed, Parisians. You would have fit right in. Avenue des Champs-Élysées was full of the fancy stores that would have filled your closet. RIP. I miss you.

Costa Rica

B^3, we may not see the world together but you are with me wherever I go. You are part of the trees, the beaches, the museums, the mountains, and the waterfalls of Costa Rica forever. I love you.

Happy Anniversary

In lieu of us, I took “the dog” (Zeus) with me to celebrate what would have been our 12 anniversary and 16 years of friendship. Palm Springs with Zeus does not compare to Palm Springs with you but as with everything, you were with me in spirit and now forever.

BTW, the hotel charged me an extra $100 just for having “the dog”…..ahhhhh; which was perfect since our trips were always just a little more expensive when we were together :).

Just Because

You will forever be at our ‘old people dance spot’, Rancho Bernardo Winery. We always looked sooooo good together, eating , dancing, and enjoying wine outdoors to the live music. RBW will never be the same and is one of my favorite memories of us.