London had been to Mexico before but I feel she fell in love during our visit to my familial home in 2016 – Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

Today you went home again and will be with them forever.


My baby loved her some wine, but more than the wine itself was the atmosphere and the company a glass of wine embodied. She had many glasses in many locations but was a member to only one local winery, Orfila.

What London loved about them, more than the wine, was their setting and their atmosphere. May the rest of their seasons have a little London taste to it, cheers.

Best Fish Tacos

Sorry Ron, Blue Water has your place in Ocean Beach beat by a mile. When London wanted a fish taco, this was the place we went to in San Diego. I’m sure it was irritating to her that I never remembered the name of the restaurant, we always just called it “Tracy’s place”. I left you at the entrance to enjoy forever.


We’ve seen a lot of sunsets together from many of San Diego’s beaches, especially Coronado. However Sunset Cliffs was always the best, now you get to watch the sunset every night. I love you.


We were lucky enough to see many sunrises together. Our spot in San Diego was atop Helix mountain.

Today was especially sweet as I took you with me on MLK day and the sunrise was as beautiful as ever.

Ashes in Paso Robles

While in Paso Robles this weekend, I spread some of London’s ashes under a beautiful Olive tree overlooking the vineyard at the best winery. She would have loved this place. So beautiful, and so ‘her ‘. ❤

Where it began

London was my mortgage loan officer when I started as a banker at the bofa branch. I always looked up to her. She was professional but with grace and the out most gentleness. She worked so hard. It wasn’t until a year and a half ago that she encouraged me to pursue the mortgage industry. She is the reason why I’m doing what I love to do in the same position that she was at the same branch. She always supported me no matter what mistake i made. She taught me so much. This morning I spread her ashes in front of the branch to remind myself that if it weren’t for her I wouldn’t be working here today. Thank you London.