Happy Birthday

I know right, crazy talk, Deni & I celebrated your birthday at your favorite San Diego movie theater…..the LOT. We enjoyed the restaurant with an unexpected performance of comedy from various performers……who were pretty good. Rest with the fire and enjoy your spot.

Tallahassee Florida

We miss you so much and love you London. We spread your ashes today in a beautiful park in Tallahassee Florida, under a lovely tree. Sam did a special ceremony in which he acknowledged the Seminole people and lit a smudging stick, sending prayers to the four directions as well as the sky and earth. We think of you often and hold you in our hearts, dead soul. All love, all blessings.


Chapala is a lake an hour from Guadalajara. It was a very popular American retirement destination and you’ll still find Gringos there.

London and I visited and took a trip out to the island as well as around the town. As we made our way home, we discussed buying a home there to live the relaxed Mexican life.

Enjoy Chapala London!


Today I traveled to Guanajuato, Mexico where Diego Rivera had a home. I had been before as I have family in that area of Mexico as well. London wanted to take a Spanish Immersion class in Guanajuato after the one she had taken in Oaxaca.

I told her that I wasn’t all that interested in going there since I’d been and didn’t remember it being anything special. I would go if she chose a different location like Spain, something we both would enjoy.

I was wrong. I apparently spent family time in a poorer area outside the main city, Leon Guanajuato. The Guanajuato I just experienced was beautiful and London would have enjoyed it immensely. This city reminded me of Italy and was full of life, like her.

You’ve now made the visit and a little piece of you will be there forever.


London had been to Mexico before but I feel she fell in love during our visit to my familial home in 2016 – Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

Today you went home again and will be with them forever.


My baby loved her some wine, but more than the wine itself was the atmosphere and the company a glass of wine embodied. She had many glasses in many locations but was a member to only one local winery, Orfila.

What London loved about them, more than the wine, was their setting and their atmosphere. May the rest of their seasons have a little London taste to it, cheers.

Best Fish Tacos

Sorry Ron, Blue Water has your place in Ocean Beach beat by a mile. When London wanted a fish taco, this was the place we went to in San Diego. I’m sure it was irritating to her that I never remembered the name of the restaurant, we always just called it “Tracy’s place”. I left you at the entrance to enjoy forever.


We’ve seen a lot of sunsets together from many of San Diego’s beaches, especially Coronado. However Sunset Cliffs was always the best, now you get to watch the sunset every night. I love you.


We were lucky enough to see many sunrises together. Our spot in San Diego was atop Helix mountain.

Today was especially sweet as I took you with me on MLK day and the sunrise was as beautiful as ever.