San Sebastian

In Spain’s Basque country. Beautiful beaches (where you lay), wonderful restaurants, cobblestoned streets, upscale shops and local wines. Perfect you!

Mexico City

Mexico City

Our trip to Mexico City was the last flight we took together as neither of us knew what was to come or what would be missed. I think you fell in love with Mexico when we went to Guadalajara but realized there was so much more economic diversity and beauty during this trip. You’ll be forever part of Mexico City on top of the Pyramid of the Sun.



This year I decided to take the girls to a Padre game in your honor and for our anniversary. I left you at the spot (the popcorn cart) where you and I began something more than a friendship, the place we were caught by our boss being a little too close (since it was a company event) and the place where his wife Bridget told us we made a good couple, in 2004.

Birthday Wishes

Your Birth Day

Zeus and I went to the Dog beach so you know it had to be a special day. Then we went up to see Deni and Hercules where we enjoyed each other’s company in your honor, you’d be proud of your baby sister. Deni and I had dinner at the old person restaurant in Rancho Bernardo taking advantage of the early-bird special and without getting any older, another birthday has passed…just like old times :).


My love, Ralph turned 50 and the girls and I went out to Albuquerque to visit. He surprisingly has a new baby also, it was a big secret.  She is beautiful.  He doesn’t have chickens anymore…..told ya’. I remember our trip out there and Santa Fe….how much you loved the turquoise jewelry and open space.  I left you with them and Albuquerque for ever more. I love you.

Madrid, Spain

I don’t know baby, Madrid was just okay to me, worse than Italy by a long shot. However you made it to the annual Christmas Tree lighting ceremony in front of the old palace which is now a shopping mall. It was packed with people walking all over you 🙁 but who knows where that will take you. I miss you.


So I went to concert. I had to walk walk and walk through a shady neighborhood to a revitalized house boat dock. The concert was for about 25 people and they were amazing. I met the owner (who looked like Bradley Cooper) and told him I was there with you. He dedicated the show to you and allowed me to spread your ashes around the house boat. It was beautiful. Your are beautiful and I miss you. Enjoy Amsterdam and all the canals you are sure to visit.

United Nations

You and I had many conservative versus liberal, democrat versus republican, God versus Non deep deep conversations. We could have used the services of the United Nations. Every agreement reached to help the world will have a little you involved. I love you.

Beaujolais Nouveau

Yes I did it and you were there with me. I finished the marathon, stayed at a countryside bed and breakfast, danced in the streets, and drank the newest release during the Beaujolais Nouveau. You would have loved it.